Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Strange alien world made of 'hot ice'

The smallest planet known to pass in front of its host star has been found - it may be made of exotic hot ice and shrouded in steam
hot ice - hot (but solid) water

New gene therapy targets cholesterol
A form of RNA interference - called microRNA - has been used successfully to regulate gene expression in mice for the first time

Cellphones could warn of imminent lightning strike
Multiple receivers in cellphones can be tuned to detect pending lightning bolts using radio frequencies

Grinding ice generates Saturn moon's icy plumes
Saturn's gravity causes ice on its moon Enceladus to grind together, generating the icy plumes observed by Cassini, new calculations suggest

Childhood Vitamin D--A New Benefit?
Vitamin D may prevent symptoms of asthma in toddlers.

X-Ray Kin: Radiation risk is hereditary
Susceptibility to radiation-induced tumors runs in families.

Spinning into Control: High-tech reincarnations of an ancient way of storing energy
High-speed flywheels could replace batteries in hybrid vehicles and help make the electrical grid more reliable.

Slimming on oolong
Rats absorb less dietary fat and gain less weight when their diets contain lots of oolong tea

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