Saturday, July 21, 2007

Magnets may make the brain grow stronger

Stimulating the brain with a magnetic coil appears to promote growth of new neurons - possibly leading to treatments for brain diseases

Bugs struck down by 'super-oxidised' water
A form of water packed with oxychlorine ions can kill bacteria and viruses, but is kinder on the human skin than bleach, say its developers

'Probiotics' could save frogs from extinction
Micro-organisms that inhabit the skin of amphibians have fungus-resistant properties that could help fight a devastating disease that is wiping out many species

A hammerhead shark born to a mother that had not come into contact with a male, is now proved to be the result of asexual reproduction

High-temperature superconducting power lines are set to boost the Big Apple's power supply - if an initial test line proves successful

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