Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Smoking before or after pregnancy may harm

Biohazard: Smoking before or after pregnancy may harm daughters' fertility
Smoking before pregnancy or during breastfeeding might impair the female offspring's fertility, a study in mice shows.

With the discovery of a fifth planet circling the nearby star 55 Cancri, astronomers have found the most abundant--and heaviest--planetary system beyond the sun's.

Superbug: What makes one bacterium so deadly
A molecule that pierces immune cells gives some aggressive antibiotic-resistant staph bacteria their fearsome virulence.

Shadow World: How many dimensions space has could all be a matter of perspective
Physicists have found new evidence for a 10-year-old conjecture that bridges the gap between the many-dimensional space of string theory and more familiar theorizing.

Crime Growth: Early mental ills fuel young-adult offending
Mental disorders in children can lead to criminal behavior in adulthood.

Bone Builder: Drug may offer steroid users new protection against fractures
A bone-growth medication called teriparatide outperforms the standard bone-preserving drug alendronate in people with steroid-induced osteoporosis.

Insects laughing at Bt toxin? Try this
A new countermeasure restores the toxicity of Bt pesticides to insects that have evolved resistance.

Too little sleep may fatten kids
Lack of sleep may promote childhood obesity.

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