Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Jupiter moon spews volcanic plumes

Towering volcanic plumes are among the dazzling images taken during the New Horizons spacecraft's recent swing past Jupiter

Males of some duck and geese species often sexually force themselves on females, who have evolved defensive vaginal features as a result

The objects scientists think are black holes could instead be wormholes leading to exotic cosmic locales, a new study argues

Liquid Center: Mercury has a molten core, radar reveals
Mercury is hot stuff: It's got a core that's at least partially molten, a new radar study of the planet's spin reveals.

Less Is More (Bone): Yearly osteoporosis drug reduces fractures
Older women with osteoporosis who received yearly infusions of a drug that prevents bone loss had far fewer fractures than did peers who didn't get the drug.

More Than Bit Players: Snippets of RNA might sway pancreatic cancer
Small pieces of genetic material called microRNA might provide a preview of pancreatic cancer's aggressiveness and offer targets for combating the usually deadly disease.

Peru's Sunny View: Solar observatory dates back 2,300 years
Researchers have found the oldest solar observatory in the Americas, a group of 13 towers first used around 300 B.C. to mark the positions of sunrises and sunsets from summer to winter solstice.

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