Friday, March 23, 2007

22 March 2007 Science News

If you're happy, the robot knows it Video available
Robots are gaining the ability to engage us emotionally, giving them a much broader range of uses

Impaired emotional processing affects moral judgements
Brain damage affecting the emotion centre of the brain skews moral choices towards the greater good, unfettered by concerns over individual harm

The more bites the better
Exposure to the saliva of biting insects could protect people against infection by insect-borne parasites

Movies map global greenhouse gas movement Video available
Unique satellite data reveals how concentrations of key human-made greenhouse gases - CO2 and methane - change with the seasons

Where have all the bees gone?
It is a vanishing on the scale of entire cities, and it is happening all across the US - but there is no shortage of culprits

Dazzling new images reveal the 'impossible' on the Sun Video available
The Hinode telescope observes the restless frothing of the Sun's surface in astonishing detail - but astronomers don't understand its findings

Sea sponge leads way to cheaper solar cells
Marine sponges can harvest silicon from seawater and use it to build spiky filaments all over their body, inspiring a new manufacturing process

Darwin's take on Gray's anatomy
A letter written to Darwin by Asa Gray in 1871 is one of hundreds of previously unpublished letters poised to become available online

Mathematicians finally map 248-dimension structure
A fiendishly complicated mathematical challenge, called E8, is conquered - the result might find application in unification theories in physics

Invention: Auto-snug clothing
This week's patent applications include self-adjusting clothing, a clever way to get more from X-ray images, and hush-hush aircraft wings

Saturn gets star treatment in trio of Hubble movies Video available
Hubble Space Telescope images have been seamlessly woven together into three movies showcasing the majestic planet and its icy moons

Doubt cast on definition of PTSD
Most of the symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder are equally common among depression patients with no history of traumatic experiences

Budget private rocket finally reaches space Video available
The Falcon 1 rocket blasts off and, though it fails to reach the proper orbit, the launch signifies growing competitiveness in the launch business

Dinosaur digger found in its own burrow
The family of fossils provide the first solid evidence that some dinosaurs lived in burrows and that adults cared for juveniles long after they had hatched

US fudging of climate science - detail revealed
An oversight committee again accuses the Bush administration of interfering with federal climate science and downplaying global warming

Eavesdropping nuthatches act on chickadee warnings Audio available
Red-breasted nuthatches extract information about predator threats from the seemingly indistinguishable alarm calls of other species

Ancient lizard extended its rib bones to glide
A fossil from north-eastern China reveals that ancient lizards glided by using a wing-like membrane supported by their elongated ribs

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